The Muppets Again, Again

Late last week, the news broke that Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady has been commissioned to write a new Muppets TV series for ABC. I greeted this news with hesitation. Not because of Prady's credentials - despite co-creating Big Bang, which I loath, he started out working for Jim Henson, and won an Emmy for writing the tribute special to the Muppet creator - but because, ever since The Muppets reignited the world's love of bears and pigs and chickens and things, there have been rumblings of putting the gang back on prime time. Thus far, these have proven to be false, or false starts.

But something about this suggests that ABC might actually be interested in seeing this project developed. Maybe it was the recently announced children's shorts that made Disney realize that The Muppets are still a viable television commodity. Bringing Prady on board (or, buying his pitch, whichever way it happened) certainly helps with the pedigree. And the fact that they've already hired Bob Kushell, formerly of the Simpsons and Third Rock From The Sun, in as showrunner while Prady serves as co-writer might mean they have an eye on a longer term than just putting together a pilot. There is no word on what sort of show it might be, whether it would fall in line more with the original Muppet Show, and it's brief nineties successor, Muppets Tonight, or if this new series featuring Kermit and the gang would focus on a different format. Between those Youtube videos of Beaker singing, and that car commercial where Rowlf bought an ice cream, I'd say that the Muppets have the experience to broaden themselves beyond the vaudeville format. And I doubt they've be hard up on getting top quality guest stars.

I really hope this project, currently called Muppets 2015, comes together. Because the world needs more Muppets.

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