Two Pence Dreadful Doesn't Have The Same Ring

Penny Dreadful's second season starts next Sunday (the logic of having the show go up against Game of Thrones escapes me), and much as they did last year before the premiere, Showtime has put the first episode up on the web, for free. There are edits for content, so if you want the complete sexy-time adventures of Vanessa and her various demonically-inclined cohorts, you'll still have to tune to Showtime on the 3rd, but it should be enough to wet your whistle.

Long time readers will recall how emphatically I fell in love with this series, and that love has not abated in the year since. I have high hopes for season two to match the tone, the atmosphere, and the insanity of season one. These are characters I'm fully invested with, and as such I will be throwing myself completely into season two with my heart exposed and ready to be broken. Reviews will follow new episodes on Tuesdays on this site. Enjoy.
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