Easy Money Is Rarely That

Of all the complaints I had about Warehouse 13 by the end, the acting was rarely one of them. The main cast were talented individuals that deserved better than the scripts they got. Joanne Kelly especially was a stand out; she gave considerable life to the HG Wells storyline, so much so that the writers eventually adopted what Kelly and Jamie Murray only suggested.

I always hope that actors who become defined by genre work will break out of those definitions, and Kelly's new film, Runoff, certainly looks to be her opportunity. Director and playwright Kimberley Levin takes what seems to be a simple premise (an offer of easy money to save a faulting farm) and from the looks of this trailer, ratchets up the tension and human drama to a breaking point. A trailer alone rarely provokes interest in me for a film, but this one has done it. If the film is as harrowing as this footage makes it seem, I expect it to be very good.
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