Until Death Do Them Part

We're only a couple weeks away from the premiere of Hannibal's third season, and the additional of Gillian Anderson to the cast is easily the most exciting thing about it. We know so little about Bedelia, I cannot wait to better understand her motivations. Namely, did she go with Hannibal willingly or under duress. This trailer does not make analysis any easier, as she certainly seems to embrace Hannibal and his methods. But there is a that edge of paranoia.

So, the question becomes, is Bedelia acting a part, or is it Hannibal projecting suspicion onto her unfairly? Remember, this is a man who has just had his entire life taken away form him, and his greatest secret revealed in spectacular fashion, all under the guise of a brutal and emotional betrayal by literally everyone he held dear. Even if Bedelia were the most loyal, most loving, most obedient and accepting of partners, under the circumstances, Hannibal would be unlikely to recognize that. He's be too worried about another betrayal.

Season three is going to have a lot of work to do in improving over season two. Because season two was spectacular. But if any show can do it, I think Hannibal can.

Via Collider.
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