Where Do They Even Go To the Bathroom


And just like that, all my dreams become a reality. This must be Christmas, wishes must be horses and if and buts must be candy and nuts: The Muppets are returning to TV! And not just in principle, but officially and with proof. ABC has released the first trailer for the new series, set to premiere Tuesdays at 8pm next fall. And I am apprehensively excited about the footage seen above. Yes, it doesn't look as edgy as the original series was back in the day, but it certainly is falling more on the mature humour side of things. Kermit flat out admits his fetish for all things porcine in one shot.

The footage looks to fall firmly in the Modern Family aesthetic, which is in keeping with ABC's stylish preferences, and that will take some getting used to. But I think this is an exciting new way to explore these characters, and a very organic way to bring in guest stars (Wynn Duffy in the pilot!). At the end of the day though, I'm just pleased as grape punch that the Muppets are returning to their best and natural habitat: a studebaker... I mean, television.

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