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For my money, FX is the best network on the American TV spectrum right now. Aside from previously having Justified, and currently having the Americans, Archer, and It's Always Sunny, the network seems to be the one most willing to 1) take chances with it's programming and B) give the creative teams free-reign over their creation, rather than pushing a specific agenda. This attitude not only gave quarter and success to Justified, but also means that this is a network where The Strain coexists alongside Fargo and Man Seeking Woman. There is no network theme, no standard operating procedure, no targeted demographic. In short, it isn't NBC or the CW, the worst and most transparent at all those things. And the result is a tidal wave of quality programming.

They also know how to inspire loyalty, and how to reward it. So, back when I was on holidays, the network announced that it was taking to pilot a new animated series from former Community writer Megan Ganz and Flyod County Productions and Archer creator Adam Reed. On those credentials along, I was interested. The series, called Cassius & Clay, will star Sunny's Kaitlin Olson as Ordwood Cassius, a "hard-drinking, quick-thinking, fast-talking bull-sh-tter who has more debts than sense" and In A World's Lake Bell as Shopcarter Clay, "the fastest gun in the post-apocalyptic South who doesn’t go looking for trouble, she shares a station wagon with it." The series will also feature Susan Sarandon, Jeffrey Tambor, Stephen Root, Robert Patrick, JB Smoove, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Katy Mixon.

Annnnd, I'm in.

I find it hard to believe that the show won't get a full season order. Archer is a crown jewel of the network, and Floyd County has already provided FX with additional series in the form of Chozen and Unsupervised (though both of those only lasted for one season). With Archer likely to only have only one final season left (this coming seventh season completes the two year order FX gave the show at the end of the fifth), Reed's energies would be well directed towards a new setting, and post-apocalyptic lady gunslingers is certainly different. And Ganz is responsibly for some of the best episodes of Community during it's original run (even during the gas-leak year). Olsen and Bell are fantastic comedic talents to anchor the series, nicely augmented with voice acting veterans like Tambor and Root. This shoots to the top of the "looking forward to" list, people. So long as it gets picked up.

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