Nothing Is But What Is Not

I'm always game for a new adaptation of Shakespeare. Always game to see what a fresh look at the material can garner. What it can find to say that others haven't said before. And few gets me as excited as my favourite of the plays, Macbeth. Mackers is so raw, so violent, so deranged. Hamlet is a spoiled brat acting out; you want a real descent into madness, you look to the Scottish play. This new version by Justin Kurzel looks to be taking the incredibly detailed, historically accurate route. In the wake of period popularity like Game of Thrones, Vikings and Outlander, this will likely be an audience pleasing choice. they have also retained the words as written, rather than updating the text with a modern vernacular. Also good.

What chaps me somewhat is, despite a fantastic looking cast lead by Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, there isn't a single natural born Scot in the primary cast. The leads are played by a German, two French women, two Brits and an American. And there seems to be something wrong with that. It's not enough to keep me away, mind; I'll be front of the line when October rolls around. But it still is a little jarring.

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