People Are Interested In Dinosaurs This Week, For Some Reason

Which is a disturbing trend. People should be interested in dinosaurs all the time. They were awesome, and gigantic (some of them) and really makes you disappointed in birds. Seriously, next time you are sitting in your car, waiting for your sister to "run quick into the grocery store for tampons and grapefruit juice," watch the seagulls fighting over the smashed and half rotten remains of an egg macmuffin in the parking lot. Watch them, and remember that 200 million years of evolution, from the first appearance of maniraptoriforms in the Jurassic, lead to that. A bickering group of lice-infested scavengers, squabbling over the discarded remains of oil-soaked breakfast substitute. For shame...

Anyway, a new Youtube Channel has appeared called We Have A Dinosaur, which promises to document what life would be like, living with a dinosaur. they only have one video so far, posted above, but it is delightful. And what I'd hope living with a dinosaur would be like. Instead of being eaten, or constantly having to hose the massive piles of shit off of the furniture.

After the jump, find videos in which Columbia University's Dr. Paul Olsen fact checks dinosaur toys, and in which Dr. Jack Horner answers the question on half the world's mind: would the climax of Jurassic World really gone down like that?

I feel the need to point out that Indominus Rex is a fictional animal. Hense, the lackluster scientific backing of Horner's facts. Dropping exact data points like bite-force ratios for one animal, then saying "those teeth look pretty gnarly" for the other undercuts the argument somewhat.

Via Uproxx, the Frisky, and Uproxx again.
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