Stephen Colbert: The Unbeardening

When we lost our nightly doses of Colbert and Ferguson back in December, I wasn't sure what I would do with myself. If it hadn't been for John Oliver, I likely would have packed it all in, moved to a cave in Wales, and started up an autonomous anarcho-syndicalist commune. Or, just scared tourists, whatever I felt like. Even with the knowledge that Colbert would be returning in September, there was still the lingering wonder: how would things be different? While it was true that in the last couple years of The Report, we got to know more of the real Stephen than the character, the question remained of how different his Late Show would be, and if there would still be shades of the Colbert we all fell in love with.

Then earlier this week, after six months of silence, he has returned. Pre-production on The Late Show With, Starring Stephen Colbert has officially begun, and it is being documented. A brand new site was launched, as well as a pod-cast meant to keep us up to speed on the show's development. And, as his inaugural return to our lives, he shaved that magnificent beard - the Colbeard - he's been spotted wearing over the past half year. And the results: it seems like not much has changed. While less feisty, he's still Colbert, and that is good enough for me.

And, on a personal note, as a former host for a beard, when I shaved mine off, I went through the exact same process as Colbert, shaving it into all possible and increasingly reductive variations, ending too, with the Wolverine.

Via Collider, and the Late Show.
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