Animal Does Nudity, If Tasteful

When the Muppets appeared at comic-con, they brought with them a ten minute pitch reel that producer Bill Prady made to convince ABC that the Muppets can work and be relevant in prime time again. When the Muppet panel was released online, the pitch footage was not. That has now changed. The full, glorious footage - not show footage mind, but basically Prady's take on what the humour and kinds of situations the series would cover might be like - is above.

As I mentioned before, it was this ten minutes that was edited down to make the announcement trailer. But there is so much more going on, and frankly, the material works better at full length than it did in that trailer (some of the so-so jokes there are riots here). Take the ten minutes you were going to use reheating last night's burrito, then blowing on it so that the cheese doesn't burn your mouth, then making issing noises after you've burned your mouth, subconsciously trying to illicit the attention and sympathy of Janine in the cubicle across the hall - just let it go, she's obviously not into you - and watch this footage.

This show is going to be so good. I hope. It has to be. Because if it isn't, I'm burning everything.
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