Hail To The King, Baby

A while ago, Starz released a teaser trailer for Ash Vs. Evil Dead that I didn't post, because it didn't show any footage, and only featured Bruce Campbell's voice saying "Groovy..." and didn't really sound a lot like him. But I'm posting it now, because in apprehension of major footage and more info to arrive during Comic-con, Starz have revealed the first image from the series, featuring Ash in all his blue shirted, be-chainsawed glory.

And here it is:

Bruce Campbell can make all the jokes about him being an old man he wants (and he does, frequently) but gods he looks right at home, doesn't he? Also seen here are his new sidekicks played by Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo, whom history suggests will likely die horribly before the ten episodes are over with. The series will premiere later this year. And between it and American Gods, Starz might just be my new favourite network.

Via Den of Geek.
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