It Sure As Hell Ain't Mickey Mouse

This is the point where I tell you that I love the movie Tremors. The original one with Kevin Bacon, is without a trace of irony, one of my favourite films. It's a movie that can be used as proof that B-movies aren't always bad things. The trick is, the movie takes itself 100% seriously, never suggests that its in on the joke, and the actors are all professionals putting in the effort. And, the special effects - largely practical - are amazing, and hold up today (the movie always makes for the second best use of Raimi-vision outside of an Evil Dead film).

I've seen all the direct to video sequels, and the short lived TV series, but I can take them or leave them. Not hideously unwatchable, and they have an impressive sense of continuity, but more and more the cheese leaked into the franchise, which is largely being kept alive by Michael Gross' performance as Burt. To be fair though, he's pretty great. Probably the sequel I enjoyed the most was number 4, because it was set in the old west (my temporal bias is showing), and they actually tried something new with the formula.

Now there is a fifth one, Bloodlines, soon to be released, and it moves the franchise out of Perfection for the first time since the original sequel. This time, Burt heads to Africa, where he and Jamie Kennedy take on what appears to be a new variation on the sandworms. And I'm sure it'll be to the same level as the others (as direct to video sequels go, Tremors is infinitely more entertaining than Starship Troopers, National Lampoons or the Scorpion King), but in this trailer alone it manages to ape both Jurassic Park and Die Hard. I'm not saying that isn't impressive, I'm just saying that Tremors is pretty unique on it's own without having to pull references from elsewhere.

I'll probably still watch it.
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