Ms. Carter, I Presume?

Well this is something I can entirely get behind. Despite the recent announcement that Agents of SHIELD will be bringing Nick Fury's Secret Warriors into season three, I have decided to finally just give up on that show. I'm tired. That's it, I'm just tired. After two seasons, I'm exhausted when I even think about that show. And I'm not going to invest time and interest into something that the movie side of the MCU will either ultimately disregard or retcon. So I'm out, I'm done.

At least Agent Carter is protected by a handful of decades between her and the modern goings-on of the MCU. Well, that and Marvel seems (quite rightly) most interested in keeping Peggy Carter around then Phil Coulson. At three appearances in the Phase 2 films, plus her own series, she really was the Phase 2 Coulson, and I hope they keep finding ways of making use of her well into Phase 3. She is at least getting a second season, far more earned than Agents of SHIELD's apparent carte blanche on ABC. The series will once again be a shorter episode run (good) and air during the winter (very good), and see Peggy transplanted from New York to Los Angeles, where no doubt Hydra and various Communist interests will give her trouble, not to mention Dottie, whose still running around the world somewhere.

But the best news of all is confirmation that Hugh D'Arcy will be returning as Jarvis. When this show worked best was when it utilized the palpable chemistry between these two characters. I said at the time (then forgot, and was reminded), they are the best example of the dramatic potential for a platonic relationship between a man and a woman I've seen on network television. So long as they keep their relationship professional and resist the urge to stoop to such uninspired and cliched plotting as having them get together, I am giddy with excitement about seeing these two in action together again. And, I'm digging the Avengers vibe off that poster. Not the "we have a Hulk" Avengers, I mean the original ones. Jarvis is looking very Steed up there.

Via Den of Geek.
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