One Of Their Apples Keeps Rolling Out Of The Bag

Last week, I mentioned that my interest in Star Wars is so low that, on December 18th I would be seeing the new Tina Fey/Amy Poehler film Sisters rather than anything a galaxy far far away. And am looking forward to Sisters far more than the alternative. And as if answered by the gods of going against the grain, the first trailer for Sisters has been delivered. And it looks like fun. I was hoping for plenty of opportunities for Fey and Poehler to demonstrate their chemistry, and oh look, they are.

I like that they are inverting the personalities they played in Baby Mama (an underrated movie that did not benefit from being released before they were each the stars of the best sitcoms on TV). And I like that Fey is discovering a new comfort zone as the brash, assertive type. I love me some Lemon, but Fey's bull-dog sister was the best thing about This Is Where I Leave You. That is was written by a former 30 Rock writer, Paula Pell (who, point of fact, played Ron Swanson's mother on Parks and Rec) does not hurt it's potential in the slightest.

So yeah, given the choice between this or the wookie, get the walking carpet out of my way.
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