The Doctor, A Wizard And Batman Walk Into A Video Game

I haven't been paying too much attention to Lego Dimension because, honestly, I spend too much of my money on Lego as it is, and this games seems like it would cause a shame spiral of bankruptable proportions. But that's all going to change now. Bring on insolvency, because Doctor Who is coming to Lego Dimensions! And Peter Capaldi is lending his voice to the Dozenth Doctor's form, which is only one of all of the Doctor's incarnations that will be playable in the Doctor Who expansion.

Since announcing that Doctor Who had won one of the Lego Ideas rounds, I've been waiting to see what they would do with the license. And considering how huge Doctor Who is, I doubted it would be as simple as a fan-made one-off set. And I was right. No word on what the company has planned in terms of a larger line of building sets yet, but they aren't holding anything back with the Dimension integration. Along with all 13 Doctors, the game will also feature Clara (voiced by Jenna Coleman) as well as playable Daleks and K-9 (and a buildable K-9 minifig to be included, which is all I've every really wanted). The TARDIS's desktop theme will even change depending on which Doctor you play as. Lego roundels, people. Lego roundels!

All of this was enough to sell me on the concept, but the tipping point from reasonable anticipation to tittering like a school girl was the quick shot in the trailer of the Doctor standing back-to-back with Doc Brown as the camera does an Avengers spin about them.

So yeah, I'm in.

Via Den of Geek.
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