Welcome Back, Mr. Bond; We've Been Expecting You

The full trailer for the next 007 movie, Spectre, has dropped, and besides looking like fun on the bun, I stepped away from it with only a single impression: this looks like a far more conventional 007 outing than Daniel Craig has been on thus far. Maybe the marketing team is constructing the trailer that way to expressly play on our nostalgia. After all, part of Skyfall's appeal was how much it leaned into the franchise history. the trick though is the leaning. Not full on falling face first into the past, like Die Another Day did.

Of course, what really made Skyfall good was that it was a character driven, well written action drama that had multiple emotional arcs and managed to further add to and further develop the Bond character, no so easy when he's got 23 films already in the bag. And I hope the same for Spectre. But first impressions, the Bond tropes seem to be in full effect here, tropes that the Craig era has defined itself by avoiding. Hopefully, this means that Mendes, Logan, Wade and Purvis have found exciting new ways to incorporate the old sauce into the new sandwich.

It also looks really very good. Golly...
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