Whose Idea Was It To Rob A Sex Shop?

This summer has been great for Judy Greer, appearing in both Jurassic World and Ant-man, and coming off the back of what was likely the best season of Archer and getting her FX sitcom, Married, picked up for a second season. My issue with the first two of those accomplishments is that she played essentially the same character in both: the divorced mom, which I guess is her newest character to get type cast into. Bully for her; at least she's working. But her role in Jurassic World could have been played by a rice cracker, it had so little going for it, and she only had one scene of substance in Ant-man (which, what kind of crime is it to cast Judy Greer against Paul Rudd and not let those comedy engines run at full speed). She was wasted in both roles, is my point.

Anyone who is a fan of Ms. Greer's knows that she's capable of much more, both comedically and dramatically (she has about the best sub-plot in Men, Women and Children), and especially if she's allowed to go raunchy. Well, Addicted to Fresno looks to be the sex-addict, dildo waving breath of fresh air her 2015 output needs. The trailer suggests that the plot might meander a bit more than it should, but anchored by what appears to be strong chemistry between Greer and Orange is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne, I bet it'll be a lot of fun. Also in the cast is Park and Rec's Aubrey Plaza and Better Off Ted's Michael Hitchcock. So, I'm sold.

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