It's Just A Great Dessert

There isn't a lot of new footage in this second trailer for Ash Vs. Evil Dead, but that doesn't matter, because any new footage leading up to the Halloween premiere is going to be groovy in my books. But this trailer also reiterates that this series is going to be intensely violent and gory. And considering that we've just come down from three season of Hannibal being as unviolently gory as possible, this might be a harsh spin around in the exact opposite direction. But also, likely Looney Tune level crazy, with will undercut any pathology that you might develop while watching it.

After the jump, you can see star Bruce Campbell deliver the weather on Good Morning Chicago from late last week, as part of what is likely one of the strangest promotions for a series we'll ever see. Campbell is really is a showman, isn't he folks? And a damn classy one at that.

Via Cinema Blend.
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