Marvel Invites The Lambs To Stop Screaming

Yesterday, things got a bit sidetracked. Due to a temporary existence failure of the internet, what was meant to be a full day of posts turned out to be a single post about the Muppets. I'm not complaining, but that's not the sort of behaviour I want to endorse. And it appears that it was for the best, because nothing I could have posted yesterday would have approached the level of excitement I have for new that broke yesterday afternoon.

Long time readers will know I don't like posting casting announcements. So much can change in the course of pre-production on a movie, that, until a movie in actually in theaters, nothing is certain. Casts change (look at Bruce Willis' sudden non-involvement with Woody Allen's latest film), movies collapse (Justice League: Mortal will forever remain the poster child for this phenomenon) and... well, things happen, is my point. But I can't not report this.

It has only just been over a week since the announcement that Mads Mikkelsen would be appearing in the first Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One, and the actor's own instance that he isn't playing a villain, despite that being his usual (and highly effective) role in American films. And now Variety is reporting that he will be taking up the villainous reigns in another franchise: Marvel's forth coming Doctor Strange. If true, this film (the 14th in the MCU) officially has the best cast of any Marvel film: lead by Benedict Cumberbatch, and co starring Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor. And now Mads, whose brother already faced down Cumberbatch during the last series of Sherlock. And those with long memories should recall taht Mads had previously been cast as the baddie in Thor 2, a role that went to Christopher Eccleston when Mads had to drop out to work on Hannibal. Hilariously, at the time I said this was a stupid decision, because Hannibal could never possibly be good, and Thor 2 was going to be awesome. Well... how fantastically wrong did I get that? Like, utterly?

It is vitally important to note that this announcement does not come from Marvel itself, nor has Kevin Feige spoken on the casting of anyone in Scott Derrickson's magic-focused film beyond Cumberbatch and Swinton. Marvel was oddly quiet at the recent D23 regarding their films that are close filming, quieter than many were expecting consider considering how close Strange and Guardians 2 are to fruition. To accompany it's unofficiality, there is no indication as to whom Mads would be playing, much like Ejiofor, who is only believed to be playing Baron Mordo (Swinton is confirmed to be playing Strange's mentor, The Ancient One).

Filming on what Marvel is touting as the strangest (yes) movie they've made to date begins in November, with an expected release exactly a year later.

Via Variety.
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