The Muppets Are Right At Home On ABC

When it was announced that the Muppets would be getting another TV show this fall on ABC, one of my many immediate thoughts was "this is going to work out so well." Because the staple, if the Muppets have a staple, is celebrity cameos. The guest host each week on the Muppet Show became the cavalcade of cameos in each of the films. The Muppets, being celebrities themselves, have never shied away from surrounding themselves with fellow movie stars. One of my few complaints about the 2011 Muppets film was that the cameos seemed a little TV sitcom heavy, and lacked any major star power. One of my few compliments about Muppets Most Wanted was that they fixed that problem, and were able to get some properly big names to show up.

The more recent announcement that the new series would focus on Ms. Piggy having a talk show, Ellen or Jimmy Fallon style, makes the excuse of why these celebrities are around easy: they are there to be interviewed. And the easiest place to cull those celebrities from (at first) would be ABC's own lineup. Plenty of hit shows with plenty of big names, and I fully expected to see the likes of Nathan Fillion, Julie Bowen, and Clark Gregg to show up early in the season. But more than that, with Disney owning the Muppets, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, I would hope the corporate synergy would allow some bleed over. We don't yet know how the Muppets will be in syncing up with the real world, but with the Force Awakens and Civil War both coming out within the broadcast season, getting Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr., or J.J. Abrams or Harrison Ford on the Muppets would do a health bit of cross promotion.

But all of that is supposition. As it stands now, ABC is at least getting their prime time stars to help bring the Muppets into the fold, as they've released a collection of teasers featuring Fillion, The Middle's Patricia Heaton and Scandal's Kerry Washington dealing with Muppet madness. Hit the jump to see the rest.

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