You Know It's Weird When the Muppets Are The Sensibly Ones In The Room

ABC is inundating us with advertising for The Muppets, because you don't not use the Muppets at every opportunity when you have every opportunity to use the Muppets. Hell, I'm a prime example of that: how many posts of the last dozen have been Muppet related? Several of them? Am I ashamed of that? No? Will every sentence end in a question mark whether it deserves it or not from here on out? I guess so? Let's test this? Say something that isn't a question? The yak marbled yarn in the tavern? The sky is blue? Donuts are plentiful? AGGGHHH?

OK... I think I'm better now. I have no issue with ABC promoting the show, or with my promoting ABC promoting the show for two reasons: one, these promos are delicious, and two, if the show weren't on ABC, it's be on NBC, and NBC would have cancelled it by now*.

Hit the jump for an additional promo, where Nathan Fillion and Miss Piggy's relationship takes a bad turn.

*This joke courtesy of my mother, who really made me wish I had thought of it.
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