A Scot And A Gay Robot Skeleton Walk Into A Debate

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It's a great day for American history everybody! And that is because the History Channel (motto: only mostly Hitler) has just signed a deal with Scottish comedian and former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson that will see him host a new show! The series, which already has a 16 episode order from the cable channel, will be called Join Or Die With Craig Ferguson, and will see Peter Capaldi's former band mate "debating provocative and timely topics, in his unorthodox and iconoclastic manner, with a panel of guests which will include celebrities and history experts, as well as the American public through social media."

Now, a few things about this. One, the title has a double meaning. Aside from being the political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin that became the symbol of the American Revolution, it is also the tattoo that Ferguson has on his inner right arm, which he got the day he became an American citizen. And B, the format at first glance seems to share a lot of DNA with British panel shows, which if you've ever seen a British panel show such as QI (especially QI), or Never Mind the Buzzcocks, or Mock the Week know that when stocked with the right guests, they can be a transcendentally funny form of television. British panel shows are some of my favourite TV. According to History, inaugural topics will include "what was the biggest presidential campaign flop; who was the greatest founding father; [and] which invention was history’s greatest game-changer."

Anyone who watched the Late Late Show during Ferguson's tenure knows that he is aptly suited for this new job. Never before as a late night host run askew of the conventional trappings of the format in favour of long diatribes about philosophy, history and sociology. Or, rather than talking to guests in placid niceties, leading them on long, warped (and occasionally lurid) conversations about very personal or thought provoking subjects (his Alice Eve interview conducted partially in French comes to mind as particularly against the grain). And anyone who has seen Craig live knows that he stocks his material, in an Eddie Izzardian way, with details that most of us need to Google afterwards in order to fully understand the joke. Craig is a learned man, is the point, and aside from being very happy to see him returning to television (apart from game show hosting), its great to see that he'll be doing so in a way that allows him to juice his mind grapes.

Now... will Geoff be joining him?

Via Deadline.
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