Anyone Can Hide From An Enemy; Never A Friend

Am I the only one who completely forgot that Doctor Who starts this weekend? I mean, imperially I knew that it started its ninth series on the 19th. But spatially, I had lost context that the 19th was this bloody weekend. Looks like I'm going to have work to do come next week. Anyway, with the new series comes a new internet exclusive prologue, cunningly named "Prologue". Last series was remarkably lacking in digital content, in that I remarked on the absence of digital content. it was especially glaring considering how heavy in the digital exclusives Matt Smith's final year was, and how much Moffat said the Beeb wanted to focus on the popular digital stuff.

This short sees the Dozenth Doctor talking with the Sisterhood of Karn, last seen helping Eight regenerate in the highlight of the 50th Anniversary special, and boy howdy are they talking in nonspecifics. So, "something" has happened, friends are just enemies you haven't made yet (or was that the other way around), the Doctor is heading towards something terrible (isn't he always), enough that he has given a thingy to Karn to deliver to someone she knows who, and "He" has known the Doctor a long time and has asked to see the Doctor. Also, is we hadn't picked up on before now, the Doctor lies. So, that's our intro. Somehow I expect this prologue isn't necessarily the sort that comes before the story, but more the kind that comes before a story. And that there will be some catching up we'll be doing over the next several Saturdays.

And speaking of those Saturdays, the BBC has announced the complete list of episode titles for this series. Last year's vague themes between titles has been taken to eleven (or twelve, as it may be) with this series, with most of the episodes coming in juxtaposed pairs (and more religious imagery in the finale). Last year I feel into the trap of thinking that such episodes would be linked in some way, but most weren't. So, I'm playing the fence this year, and not guessing whether of not we'll have a boat load of two parters, an incredibly interconnected batch, or just a bunch of stand alone eps with really idiosyncratic names. Though it seems obvious that we're getting a Zygon cliffhanger. And I couldn't be more pleased.

Via Den of Geek, twice.
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