Great Scott!

Back to the Future is turning 30 years old this year, and in November is the date that Marty traveled forward to in Part 2. This has all resulted in a gravity well of celebrations for the beloved trilogy, ranging from Fox and Lloyd's reunion in the Lego Dimensions game, to Nike producing a run of auto-tying shoes, to countless "hoverboards" being developed, to the most reasonable of the celebrations: the release of a 30th anniversary edition DVD and Bluray box set.

And to be included in that set is a host of special features, including several documentaries, old and new, episodes of the animated series, and a series of new short films, including Doc Brown Saves the World starring Christopher Lloyd as his famous scientific alter ego. The disc set will come packaged in a flux capacitor, as seems only reasonable. The set will be available on Oct 21st.

Via /Film.

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