Her Name IS AKA Alias, Right?

Agent of SHIELD starts its third season in a couple weeks (or maybe its next week; I don't know). And as I stated in the spring, I won't be reviewing it any more. If you liked my reviews, then I'm sorry. But watching that show was painful, and writing those reviews was torture. I'll still be giving Agent Carter my absolute attention when it airs in the winter, but Coulson and co. are dead to me.

I'm directing my Marvel energies to Netflix. Daredevil was enough to convince me that the way they are doing things over there is a hell of a lot tighter ship then what is happening on ABC. The next series, Jessica Jones (the AKA has been dropped from the main title and added to episode titles), has been announced as arriving on November 20th. I've been saying since before Daredevil was released that Jones is the series I'm most looking forward to. Not just because of the amazing cast they've assembled. And not just because Alias, the book it is based on, is amazing. But because Jones represents the direct that Marvel's material needs to start heading in more. Female leads, minor characters being given the spotlight, less conventional and more challenging subject matter. Those are the three poles that need to be raised in Marvel's tent. And if Netflix is the place they get raised, then huzzah I say. Lets get a She-Hulk, a Nextwave, and a Misty Knight series green lit ASAP (Misty Knight, it appears, will be a character in the next series, Luke Cage).

This first look, which is really just a title sequence, or at least what I hope the titles will look like, contains no footage of the show but certainly shows off the different aesthetic and tone that Jones will be playing with compared to the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. And it is important to note how much of a role purple plays in this aesthetic. I guarantee, to those that don't know Jones' story, that will play a very important part.

Via /Film.
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