Never Say Neverwhere

Its as if having the long gestating American Gods TV series coming to fruition, and the likelihood of Sandman actually coming to the big screen moving from none to slim, and How To Talk To Girls At Parties beginning to film wasn't all enough for Neil Gaiman. Now, it seems Neverwhere (which I maintain matches only the Hitchhiker's Guide in terms of number of adaptations into various kinds of medium) might find second life as a TV series in the US. I say second life because of course, Neverwhere began life as a TV series on the BBC. So disappointed was Gaiman in how that series turned out that he wrote his ultimate vision for it as a novel, thus kicking off his career as a solo (and bloody brilliant) novelist. Most recently, it was a Radio 4 series, and a pretty damned good one at that.

The new series is only a figment of a possibility at this point, with producer Mark Gordon having purchased the rights to adapt it in the US. No further details are available, such as if Gordon intended to take the series to network or cable, and if he intends to maintain the UK setting, or move it state side. As much as that latter prospect might wrangle you somewhat, it is worth noting that Gaiman himself has said that New York would be a viable setting for a sequel, with a history as deep as London's, and a New York Below as populated and horrific as the one he invented for old Londinium.

The original series was undercut slightly by budget and technology not living up to Neil's vision (and the Beeb being a bit squirmish). The radio series benefited by not having to physically produce anything. The challenge of any new adaptation would be finding the right aesthetic, and be able to support the physical world of London Below as it deserves. We'll see if Gordon is up to it.

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