Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen. Does Whatever A Spider-man Can - But With No Peripheral Vision

I had several ideas on how to get the Spider-man movies back on track after the abysmal Amazing films. I wrote about how I thought Spidey might be incorporated into the MCU (which Marvel completely disregarded - thanks Feige), but what I didn't writer about was how I thought Sony would be able to make Spider-man work on his own in the isolation of Sony's intellectual property. I might have touched on it in my MCU pitch, but to me, if Sony had hunkered down and opted to go full throttle with the idea of Spider-man rather than getting bogged down in continuity, that Spider-Verse would have made the perfect film series.

It's actual the perfect solution to everyone's problems. Flood the market with a new Spidey film every year or two for a good long while, each one featuring a new actor in the lead role. 616 Peter Parker, 2099 Miguel O'Hara, Ultimate Mile Morales, MC2 Mayday Parker, and fan favourite Spider-Gwen could have all supported their own film, set in their own isolated continuities, and if fans didn't respond accordingly, then no worries, and if fans rejoiced, then sequels get green lit. It's the perfect safety net: throw as much spaghetti against the wall as possible, and you're bound to get a few good meals out of it. Then, bring them altogether in a universe-in-peril, Avengers style Spider-Verse meet-up film, killing off the least popular of the spider-beings in the process.

Vulture doesn't have the same idea, but they do like the concept of giving Spider-Gwen a film of her own. And have used footage from various Emma Stone movies to cobble together a pretty convincing trailer for a movie that will never exist. Which is a shame, because I would throw money at this movie. Literally, I would stand outside the theater and toss spare change at the poster, presumably to be gathered by the growing crowd of hobos beneath, picking at my offering like pigeons outside a deli.

I think my point was, Spider-Gwen is awesome. And if that wasn't my point, then it is now.

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