To Whomever Let the Truth Out and Forgot To Bring It Back In, It's Now Damp And Smells Of Hair

The first footage-rich trailer for the inexplicable X-Files revival miniseries has appeared. In it, we get to see flashlight beam penetrate dark rooms, Scully being dismissive, Mulder being paranoid, Skinner being pensive, and the Cigarette Smoking Man smoking a cigarette, man (remember the halcyon days when a network TV show could show a character smoking?). So, it's almost as if the last twenty years never happened.

As someone who watched the show religiously (as did, I believe, literally everyone else in the nineties) I feel like I should be more excited about the show coming back. And perhaps if the show had ended at season seven as my DVD collection does, I would be. Maybe those last couple seasons and the most recent film soured me on the X-universe. Or maybe, in the twelves years (!) since the show ended, I've moved on, and FOX is putting a lot of faith in nostalgia pulling in the viewership.

Or maybe these episodes will pull a Superman Returns and just pretend that nothing after season seven happened. I'd be OK with that. It is no bit of hyperbole to say that on this show, stranger things have happened.

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