Don't Make Her Angry. You Won't Like You After You've Made Her Angry

We're about a month and a half away from the release of Jessica Jones on Netflix, and the marketing campaign in full swing, with a series of time-focused "character moments" displaying Jessica's personality. In short: she's got anger issues. Now, while the content of these teasers rides pretty heavily on the cliched side of the bad-ass chick trope wagon, there is enough about the presentation of the content that is an original spin, that makes me happy and hopeful for the series.

Like the fact that Jessica didn't take issue with a single punk in the bar, she seems to have taken issue with the entire contents of the bar. Or that Jessica's reaction to her alarm clock is an intent-filled action rather than being a mindless motion. It is also promising that the producers seems to have a solid soundtrack in mind for Jessica's "issues." Before the release of Daredevil, I said many times that Jessica Jones was the series I was really looking forward to, and while Daredevil blew me off my hinges, I feel like these teases are a good indication that Jessica will pack quite the wallop.

Hit the jump to see how Jessica starts her day.

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