In A World, Where Damned Dirty Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth...

Jurassic Park is monumental for several reasons, and one of those is that it moved dinosaurs movies from being cheesy B-movie fair to being actually meaningful films. Of course, it remains the only meaningful dinosaur movie, the rest pretty much still falling into the B-movie framework. And to be fair, Jurassic Park is just a really high quality B-movie in and of itself. I mean, a guy gets eaten off a toilet. Jurassic World is completely a B-movie, in the world possible ways. I would rank Jurassic World with Carnosaur and other hokey crap like that.

But in keeping with the idea of the Jurassic series just being a glossy B-movie like you'd find in the seventies, mashup wizard ChiefBrodyRules has created an amazing trailer for what Jurassic World would have looked like had it been made in the era of Big Hair. Using footage from dozens of different sources, such as Omega Man, The Towering Inferno, Phil Tippett’s Prehistoric Beast, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, Jaws, One Million Years B.C., King Kong '76, and many more, Brody has created the teaser for a whole new film starring Michael Caine, Raquel Welch, Richard Pryor, and Charlton Heston.

As much as I like Jurassic Park, I feel like this is the superior version of World. Of course, what a starling left on my windscreen this morning is a superior version of World than the film we got, so maybe the standard is just too low at this point.

Via Gamma Squad.
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