Marvel Does Damage Control

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Three years ago, in the wake of the announcement that Marvel's MCU was coming to TV with a promising new series called Agents of SHIELD (how young and naive we were back then), I wrote an article in which I described three Marvel properties that would work as potentially good TV shows. I proceeded to over elaborate, by framing these series as the products of various creators, writers, and actors, but the core of the intent was that these were series that would 1) be enjoyable to watch, and B) make better TV shows than movies. The three series I pitched were Murdock And Associates, a Boston Legal-esque legal drama focusing on Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk); The Pulse, a Veronica Mars-like series focusing on Jessica Jones, Ben Ulrich and Luke Cage, and Damage Control, a Better Off Ted-style workplace comedy focusing on the people who have to clean up after the catastrophic destruction caused by heroic events.

Three years later, and let's look at the current state of Marvel's TV output: Daredevil was a critical and financial success, showing a level of emotional and character maturity that the movies haven't even begun to approach. It focused on Matt Murdock and Ben Ulrich, and a second season will add Frank Castle to that mix. Elsewhere, we will shortly be able to enjoy Jessica Jones, which will focus on the show's namesake and Luke Cage as they attempt to live normal lives despite having the abilities to make a difference in their own little corner of the world. 

And now comes the news that Marvel is investing in a pilot for a half hour comedy focused on Damage Control. The series, which would focus on the crew with the unenviable task of cleaning up the destruction left behind a superhero battle, is being developed by Ben Karlin, formerly of the Daily Show and Modern Family and thus already familiar with how ABC likes it's comedy. And this would be an ABC comedy, as Disney and Marvel is interested in keeping things in the family as much as possible. With Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter already on network, and a potential Agents spin-off happening, Damage Control might fit nicely into the Marvel Tuesday night line up should either Off The Boat or Muppets fail to make it past May.

Now, I'm not saying that I saw this coming (I totally did) or that Jeph Loeb read my piece and stole my ideas (this cannot not be proven), but out of all the Marvel IP's, I selected these three as the most likely to get adapted, and that's exactly how things have turned out. Which I think qualifies me as a witch. The one and most glaring difference between my original pitches and Marvel's reality is the inclusion of She-Hulk. So let me make this clear Marvel: GIVE. US. SHE-HULK. Sooner rather than later, and not in a cheap and insulting way (so, not on Agents of SHIELD, thank you). 

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