Starfish? Really?

Due to a colossal bit of scheduling fuckery (AKA, I forgot it was Tuesday, then later forgot it was Thursday) the reviews for Doctor Who, Continuum and The Muppets that you usually ignore whilst surreptitiously hiding your publicly-viewed pornography, you homeless miscreants, will be folded into next weeks reviews. Double the content, half the insight.

In the mean time, here is a video of John Oliver explaining to Facebook why posting something onto Facebook doesn't superseded the fact that all of this is happening on Facebook. Which seems like the sort of thing you shouldn't need to explain to people. If saying something on social media made it not only true, but legally binding, the world would be a horrifying place. It would be the Purge, essentially, but with more misogyny and less logical structure. Myself, I avoid any of this by not being on social media entirely.

What? Blogging isn't social media. I don't even consider this blogging. It's barely reporting. I'm just throwing words at the internet, for them to be ignored by Russian spammers. Which, can I just say to the Russian spammers, what gives? I thought we had something. There was a real connection between us, in that I exist here and you would inundate me with your Google-translate nonsense messages and false page views. And now what? Nothing? Were you just leading me on? Catfishing me? Did you find someone new? Someone better? Come back. Without you, it's just me and the library hobos. And they do things to themselves that is just unseemly...

Via Uproxx.
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