The Shadows That Define Our Every Sunny Day

The BBC has released a full trailer for the Sherlock Christmish special. You know, the one-off that is set in Doyle's original time. the first teaser they release some months back was full of humour, whereas this one is considerably more grim. But that is par for the course with this series, finding that balance between the two. The attention to detail is certainly there, as the setting certainly looks as Victorian as anything seen on Ripper Street or Penny Dreadful (and let's be honest, the Beeb weren't going to screw up making the setting look right. If they had their way, they'd live in the Victorian era, what with the sheer number of series they make being set there and then). It also looks, in fine Moffat and Gatiss fashion, to lean heavily both on the original Doyle canon and also the episodes of the series they've already produced. Lots of winks and nudges, I expect we're in for.

A bit of an unexpected reference to Hannibal Lecter though, in this trailer (and rather front and centre too). Sherlock's line "Nothing made me, I made me" is very reminiscent of Hannibal's claim that "Nothing happened. I happened." So, either just a natural line for a sociopath to pronounce, or Moffat was a fan of the dearly departed Bryan Fuller series (it wouldn't be the first time Moffat's home viewing has cropped into his work). In any case, looks like a good couple hours to get us through the cold and lonlies comes the winter.
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