[Video] - But Milk Is Important

Social anxiety is the new bogeyman of the world, especially since the rise of social media has given those that would much prefer to stay inside away from others a way to reach out and be with others without, you know, actually being near them. This has, somewhat conversely, allowed a more open dialogue and a more accepting platform from which the socially anxious (or the generally anxious) can begin exploring the world in their own, preferably isolated way.

Somewhat off topic, but look for my review of Jenny Lawson's new book, Furiously Happy, next week.

But Milk Is Important is a ten minute, absolutely gorgeous stop frame animation film by Anna Mantzaris and Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen that brings social anxiety to life in the form of an amorphous cloud creature who gets a little too close for comfort for our protagonist. And showcases beautifully the oppressive, claustrophobic pressure that overtakes those that want to step into the world, but just can't.

Via io9.

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