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I cannot speak highly enough of Big Finish's audio dramas, especially the work they've done with Doctor Who. They kept the series alive and audible for a period during the Dark Ages, and have provided significant redemption to the Sixth and Seventh Doctors by allowing them the quality adventures they should have had during their time on screen. And of course, they are pretty much the exclusive realm of the Eighth Doctor, who has proven his might and worth in our ears if not our eyes. But since the return of the series to television, there has been a sharp and increasingly noticeable divide between the then and the now of the Doctor's lives. Big Finish has been prevented from using any characters, or feature actors reprising their role from any character in the new series. They have pretty much carte blanche with the old series, but the new stories and characters belonged to BBC Audio exclusively.

Except, not any more. The last few months have seen an explosion of news concerning Big Finish's access to the new series, culminating in a flurry of announcements that will see the old series and the new joined together in exciting new ways. UNIT will be receiving it's own series of adventures, headed by Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart and fan favourite Ingrid Oliver as Osgood. Strax, as performed by Dan Starkey will join classic characters Jago and Litefoot in a Victorian adventure. Alex Kingston is reprising the role of River Song in a series of 4 adventures of her own, which will culminate with her encountering Paul McGann's Eighth. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are rumored but not confirmed to be returning as Ten and Donna in an adventure set during their partnership. And most recently and excitingly, John Hurt has been announced as contributing to a series of War Doctor adventures, set during the heart of the Time War. For all of us that were bowled over by Hurt's performance in the 50th, but sad in the knowledge that we will never see him again on screen, this is Christmas come early. And that fact that Hurt has one of the most magnificent and recognizable voices isn't too bad either. the Time War series will also feature appearances by Paul McGann as Eight, dating to when the Time War was just starting off.

And this is all on top of a new announcement by the BBC that Doctor Who is getting a new spin-off! 8 45 minute episodes have been ordered of a new BBC3 teen-focused series called Class, which will follow students at Cole Hill School as they deal with attending classes at what seems to be a focal point of alien activity in East London. Now, that's a pretty nondescript name, and of all the spin-offs that fans have wanted, that isn't any of them (unless Vastra is going to be one of the teachers, but I doubt it). But the BBC is protective of Who, and is hesitant to spin it off just for the sake of increasing market share (three spin-offs in 50 years does not make a habit). So I will wait to pass judgment until I see the series proper.

Until then, we've got some listening to do.
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