How To Go To Space: A Thing Explainer Thing Explained

What is a Thing Explainer, you may ask? It's the brain child, like so many ideas, of Randall Munroe, person who made xkcd. The simple idea is to explain very hard ideas using only the ten hundred most usually used words in the English talking-way. It is also the thing that Munroe's new book is about, which you can get from where you buy your books.

As a way of showing of how to Thing Explain, MinutePhysics has made this fun moving drawing of How To Go To Space, which uses only the ten hundred most usually used words to explain how to go to space. As another way of showing this idea, I have also used only the ten hundred most usually used words (except for Real Names) to write this, which should explain the weird way I've been talking that you've no doubt noticed by now. Myself, I love the idea, as it is a not usual way to make known exactly which words in this wide and confusing talking-way we English-talking people use pop up the most.

If you go to this place, you can try writing things in only the ten hundred most usually used words yourself. And spend the rest of the day annoying your friends and family speaking as though you were in a first time English talking-way class. Or just being surprised by finding out words like "annoying" are one of the ten hundred most usually used words.

Via MinutePhysics.
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