In 2016, Who You Gonna Call?

I'm going to say two things, that I believe are hard to dispute. first, I think that Better Call Saul might be the best spin-off, ever. And I think that it's first season might be one of the best first seasons on TV, ever. It certainly ranks with the likes of West Wing, the Wire, and whatever else might be up for the prize. I mentioned this a lot last year, but because the writers were coming straight off of Breaking Bad, BCS didn't feel like a season one, but the direct continuation of everything they've learned over the previous six seasons. It felt like we were stepping into Saul after it was fully realized.

And that is a lot of expectation to put on the show's producers for season two. If they can keep the series up to this level (and with Odenkirk in the lead, its hard to believe they won't), it stands a very good chance of surpassing it's originating series in quality. If is hasn't already. Well, we'll be finding out in hardly no time at all, as Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have announced that the second season of the show will begin airing on Monday, February 15th, putting it at just under four months away. And I'm glad, because with Justified over with, I needed something of high quality to get me through the winter. And suddenly, I'm coming over all palpitated at seeing what happens to Jimmy next.

Via Uproxx.

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  1. Really good show, shame not really long enough. Best spin off ever!? Maybe comparing apples and oranges but have soft spot for Frasier!

    1. Fair point. I'd definitely say that Frasier as a character deserves rank, and the show was fantastic overall, if inconsistent over it's entire run (though, what wouldn't be over 11 seasons. Cheers certainly wasn't immune).

      It's funny, since I wrote that earlier, I've been thinking about spin-offs - Wikipedia, of course, has a list - and what I keep coming back to is that, most TV spin-offs just really don't make that big of an impact. The Star Treks certainly, though we get into a quality issue again, and the same can be said of the Stargates. Angel off of Buffy certainly. Mork & Mindy from Happy Days. Xena from Hercules, through we'd be straining the concept of "best" in any of its meanings. Boston Legal would absolutely rank, as would Special Victim's Unit. But very very few spin-offs are made of anything other than blind commercialism, very few last long enough to have an impact, and the ones that do rarely outshine their parent program.

      I think Saul has that potential.