Legen... Wait For It... Dary

I'm going to be honest here, a solid 70% of the reason I binge watched Arrow and the Flash over the summer, and why I've been doing the recaps so far this year is that the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, which was really just a pitch reel, looked kind of cool. And I've put a lot of shade on both of those show's this season for spending way too much time setting up this spin-off series, while neglecting their own arcs. And that is true, they have, and it's hasn't led to good TV.

Except, it might lead to good TV, as the CW released the first proper trailer for Legends, meaning containing material shot for an episode meant to air, and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. If it's goofy, and sticks to the tone of the Flash, while keeping an eye on character first, and doesn't get too hung up on the fact that it should probably have been called the Brave and the Bold, I hope for good things. Not expect great things, but hope for good. We'll find out on January 21st, which is a Thursday, which means if you include Supergirl, there will be a Berlanti-produced DC Comics show on four of five weekday nights. ABC might be ShondaLand, but that is market dominance. Now, if more than half of them were good, it might be something to writer home about.

Oh, and that "Men of Steel/Dark Knights" line. that is as close as you will ever see the two people you actually want to see in these shows, show up. Though it does offer the tantalizing possibility that Vandal Savage just straight up wiped them from history using time travel.

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  1. Super Girl.... Sounds intresting... I wish just like superman or iron man this super girl should also exist. We need all these characters in real life too because now a days humanity is lacking.