Oh My Gods

Hey everyone, want to see a train wreck? Well, you're going to have to wait until February, but lucky us, we get a quick look at it now. Gods of Egypt, from Alex Proyas, looks to be the very definition of gaudy monstrosity. Right now, it's catching a lot of flak for featuring a Scot, an Aussie and a Dane as Egyptian gods. But that's the wrong tact to take. It should be catching flak for looking like utter shit.

Someone at Lionsgate seriously thought, "hey, remember those Clash of the Titans movies that no one liked and pretty much killed Sam Worthington's career. We should make something exactly like that, but with Egyptians." The result looks to emulate the very worst of every vapid modern film making tendency, as well as trying to make Joseph Mankiewicz look frugal. My eyes hurt watching this trailer. My hope is that the Feburary release is a sign that the studio knows they've got a steaming load in their hands, and are looking to dump it in the wastelands, and be thoroughly trashed by Deadpool. I certainly hope that they don't genuinely believe they've got a winner on their hands, with franchise potential. I know studio executives live up their own asses, but come on... this one has to be obvious, right?

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