Peggy Carter Will Return In... Not Much Time At All

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I may have given up on Agents of SHIELD, but my faith in Marvel television remains alive due to the Netflix series (Jessica Jones releases this Friday!), and the supreme Agent Carter. And wonder of wonders, ABC opted to keep the faith and give it a second season. Which we now know will begin airing, with a two hour premiere event, Tuesday January 5th. the second season will have ten episodes, up two from last season, and see the action move 3000 miles across country to LA. According to the press release:
"Marvel’s Agent Carter returns for a second season of adventure and intrigue, starring Hayley Atwell in the titular role of the unstoppable agent for the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve). Dedicated to the fight against new Atomic Age threats in the wake of World War II, Peggy must now journey from New York City to Los Angeles for her most dangerous assignment yet. But even as she discovers new friends, a new home – and perhaps even a new love – she’s about to find out that the bright lights of the post-war Hollywood mask a more sinister threat to everyone she is sworn to protect."
Returning to the series along with Atwell are James D'Arcy as Jarvis, Chad Michael Murray as Jack Thompson, Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa, Bridget Regan as "Dottie" and Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark. New to this season will be Ken Marino as mob boss Joseph Manfredi, Outlander actress Lotte Verbeek as the previously unseen Mrs. Jarvis, and Wynn Everett as Whitney Frost AKA Madame Masque, this season's Big Bad. Regarding Marino specifically, showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas said:
"We've loved working with Ken ever since he played a gay ex-demon for us on Reaper, and we were so happy he was available for this role. His range is incredible -- he can go from comedy to romance to drama with ease. Writing for him is easy, because he can do pretty much anything. And he used to have a karaoke room in his house, which makes him even more awesome."
So... that all seems wonderful. and less than two months away! Getting Jessica Jones this week, and Carter just on the other side of the holidays... well, that truly does seem like Christmas, don't it?

via Den of Geek.
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