Who You Gonna Build?

Well, I hope my family, friends and assorted relations weren't hoping to get anything from me this Christmas, because I love me more than any of them, and I love me some Lego. And Lego, in their infinite cruelty, have officially announced that in January, they will be selling the full Ghostbusters Firehouse as a mega-set, for the princely sum of $300 US (so, $400 in Canadian, and £200 for the UK).

But understand, this is worth the money. Because they've also released images of the set, and it looks amazing. It comes with twelves minifigs, is fully modular, and finely detailed. A map of Manhattan with their location on it. The ooze-infused toaster. A bountiful feast representing the last of the petty cash. It is hard to say anything negative about the set, save that while it features three fully realized above ground floors, it leaves out the ghost containment unit in the basement.

The figs included are the four Ghostbusters (obviously) with a "it slimed me Ray" variant Peter, Janice, Slimer, the library ghost, the red ghost, the blue ghost, a ghoul and Louis-as-Vince. Sadly, there is no Dana, only Zuul. The Ecto-1 is not included in the set, meaning you'll have needed to buy that Lego Ideas set when you had the chance (and it's hard to tell from these images, but I'm not convinced it'll fit in the garage when assembled. Now, as much as I love the fact that Lego clearly has the Ghostbusters licence and I would love to see a companion set with the Lady Busters out next year when that movie is released, I feel that the only appropriate response to the Ghostbusters Firehouse getting a set is that the Back to the Future Clock-tower demands one too. In fact, considering that this is the 30th anniversary year for BttF, how the Clock-tower didn't get a set first is a little beyond me.

Anyway, after the jump, you can see all the images of the GB set in their glory.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts, but this set gives the wiggins.

Via Collider.
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