Why Can't We Be Friends, Why Can't We Be Friends...

Marvel, on the heels of the release of Jessica Jones (look for my review next week), has defied expectations somewhat, and released the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War, aka Avengers 2.5, aka the litmus test of how long and far audiences are going to follow Marvel down this rabbit hole before it all starts getting a bit much. I say defied expectations, because this trailer was expected to premiere before Star Wars, which is still a few weeks away from release. Of course, in the age of the internet, what movie a trailer appears before, and when it premieres, is utterly immaterial.

As for the trailer itself, well, I'm going to hold back on any opinions. Marvel does trailers very well. the trailers for Age of Ultron looked spectacular. The end result was less so. This trailer is mostly explosions, which interests me very little. I'm much more interested in the politics behind the schism forming between the Avengers. I will say two things: first, the trailer does a very good job of framing the story from Cap's perspective, making it a genuine Captain America movie rather than an Avenger film. Second, we get our first look at the Black Panther in this trailer, and he looks fantastic, and in two quick scenes is already set up as a formidable character. But, as much as getting T'Challa on screen for the first time is a big deal, I feel less excited about it than if Daredevil showed up. I know that won't happen, and I'm not necessarily pushing for it, but I'm saying that right now, Guardians aside, my Marvel heart is really shifting more in Netflix's direction than the cinematic side.

And that is something Kevin Feige should probably start to consider.

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