Just Keep Rolling, Just Keep Rolling...

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks has built a remarkable Lego sculpture depicting Sisyphus, the mythical king of Ephyra, rolling his bolder. Sisyphus, as punishment for his constant trickery and general asshattery, was doomed to roll a bolder in the depths of Tartarus for eternity, and in the process become the go-to analogy for any repetitive task. What makes Allemann's sculpture truly remarkable is that it moves. Via a Lego Technics gearing system, the instructions to which Allemann has made accessible on his website, even the bricked version of this legendary king is doomed to pace in place, absently nudging his bolder for eternity.

And it is hypnotic to watch. I'd like to see this become a fashionable fad among Lego builders: scenes depicting Underworldly torment in Lego form. You could have Tantalus eternally reaching up and down, and getting a decent ab work out in the meanwhile. You could have the eagle dipping down to feed on Prometheus' liver over and over (fava beans and a nice chianti in a place setting just beside). And you could have Judas being gnawed on by one of Satan's heads. Make it happen, internet!

Via Gizmodo.

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