One Thing We Know For Sure: Something Funny's Going On

When it comes right down to it, I'm a simple man. I just want to be entertained. The trick is, I want to be entertained intelligently. A raptor battle-surfing a T-rex might be more than enough to get some folks giblets toasty, but that is just spectacle. And there is generally no substance to spectacle.

The Nice Guys was a film I was only marginally aware of before last Friday. Today, it is my most anticipated movie of 2016. Why? Because I was more entertained by this three minute trailer then I was by half the films I saw this past year. I laughed harder and already care more about these characters then I did during the days worth of fiction I sat through over the past twelve months. And that is all down to writer-director Shane Black.

Now, oddly, they only hearken back to his directorship of Iron Man 3 in this trailer and don't mention Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang at all, despite that film clearly being a better informer of what we can expect from The Nice Guys. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang became one of my favourite films almost immediately, and The Nice Guys looks to share a lot of the same tone and aesthetics. So, that bodes very well. And Black has a track record for finding chemistry between actors you wouldn't expect. While PI fiction isn't something I'm drawn to, Black knows his buddy-cop structure, knows who to irk every bit of comedic potential out of a line of dialogue and a physical set up, and knows the best time to punch you in the emotional gut is when you're laughing.

In short, he knows how to entertain intelligently. And that is all I really ask for.

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