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Earlier this year Amazon announced that they would be backing the magnificent Ripper Street for a final two series, bringing the total to five and the characters right up to the turn of the 20th century. Not one to sit on their laurels, they have now released a trailer for the fourth series, which will premiere on Amazon Prime in late January, with new episodes released each Friday for eight weeks. the premiere will also be feature length. It is unknown at this time if the fourth will follow the third series onto the BBC later in the year.

They've also released a synopsis for the series:
"The new season begins in the summer of 1897 with Queen Victoria celebrating her diamond jubilee. Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) has left the force which gave him his career and left the neighbourhood which shaped his life. He finds himself drawn back to Whitechapel when he discovers that his old friend Isaac Bloom (Justin Avoth, Merlin) is set to hang for a brutal murder; a murder of which Reid believes him incapable.
Detective Inspector Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) has now risen to the level of Head of H Division, holding a position of trust and status in Whitechapel. What’s more, he’s now married to the love of his life Rose Erskine (Charlene McKenna). The last two years have treated Rose kindly but, despite her happy marriage and successful career, she can’t help but be troubled that she and Drake have so far been unable to have a child.
Adam Rothenberg returns as surgeon Captain Homer Jackson, assisting Drake in investigating the criminal goings on in Whitechapel. When we catch up with Jackson, however, his wife Long Susan Hart (MyAnna Buring) is only weeks away from being executed for her part in the deaths of the fifty five souls who perished in the Leman Street locomotive disaster of 1894.
Now a mother to two year old Conor Judge, Long Susan has spent the last two and a half years residing in the Mother and Infants Wing of Newgate Prison. Time is fast running out for Long Susan but can Jackson save her?"
So, things continue to go pretty terribly in these characters lives. After series three, I genuinely wondered how they've bring everyone back together, and I genuinely wondered in what kind of mental condition they would be in when they did reassemble. But Vicky gets to have a party this year, which I'm sure will go smoothly and won't necessitate Drake punching anyone in the face.

Via Den of Geek.
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